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Meet The BabyRaptor App

A Kickstarter Project to build the quintessential app for reptile owners. A place to manage your reptiles, share photos and stories, find advice, set care reminders and track breeding projects. Help us fund this project and make BabyRaptor a reality.



For Phone, Tablet and Web.

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Add Reptiles

Add and manage unlimited reptiles from your collection.

 Basic Profile

Add their nicknames, species, genders and much more.

 Set Reminders

Setup unlimited reminders to help care for your reptiles. Feed times, enclosure cleaning, medications.

 Take Photos

Record the lifespan of your reptile with photos in the Photo Gallery.

Event Tracking

Record and keep track of important events such as feed times, shedding times, reptile weight.

Custom Notes

Add custom notes, and status updates for each reptile.

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Exciting Add-Ons

Use the unique add-on system to customize the app to your needs. From the simple to the avid, you decide the features you wish to use.

Breeder Add-on

Manage breeding pairs and projects. Record introduction dates, and other important events throughout the breeding process.




Feeder Add-On

Manage your feeder lots, breeding dates, brood ages and more.



Knowledge Base Add-On

View a comprehensive directory of reptiles and corresponding care sheets.


Enclosures Add-on

Share and manage your reptile enclosures.


 Expenditure Add-on

Keep track of your expenses for reptile care and procurement.




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Online Community for Reptile Enthusiast.

User Profiles

Create and expand your own personal profile.

Wish Lists

Create your dream reptile collection.


Connect with other members and make new friends.


Send and Receive messages from other members.


Share the love by liking photos, articles and photos of other members.


View an automated dashboard with galleries and updates from your favorite members.


Earn points and ranks by participating in the community.


Earn prestigious awards and badges by participating in the community.

Community Hubs

Enjoy browsing through global community hubs.



View reptile blogs from other members or start your own.


View and share reptile care sheets, faqs and helpful articles.

Q and A

Ask Questions, or provide Answers with other members within the community.


Reptile forums made just for you.


Enjoy weekly competitions, such as best enclosure or gnarliest bite photo.

Photo Galleries

Browse through the vast array of members Galleries for comfort and inspiration.


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Reptile Classifieds Made Easy

Buy, Sell, Trade and Rescue Reptiles with the BabyRaptor Marketplace.






Buy Reptiles

Browse our automated classifieds and find reptile you’re looking for.

Sell Reptiles

Sell your reptiles via automated classifieds.



Trade Reptiles

Looking to Trade? Find others will to trade with you.

Rescue Reptiles

Re-home and rescue reptiles in need.



Breeder Profiles

Create, view and manage Breeder Profiles.

Store Directory

Browse our Store Directory to find a Brick and Mortar store near you.

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